The Natural Born Sinners say “no” to Tattoo Discrimination!! We also find it important that the quality of the tattoo is protected. Not just any tattoo is a good one!

We support organizations that focus on quality tattoos. We see that the tattoo scene has been given a negative reputation because of the rise of scratchers. (A scratcher is someone that doesn’t master the craft, who does call himself a tattoo artist, while “uglifying” people’s skin by horrible tattoos).

Tattooing is an ancient craft that exists because masters pass what they know on to apprentices. One cannot learn the craft by themselves, despite the misperceptions created by the media. Because of the well-known television shows, many people think that this difficult profession is “easily learned.” People often forget that even the famous tattoo artists did long apprenticeships with a master before they knew the craft, let alone be allowed to practice as a tattoo artist.

Customers often knock on the door at legit tattoo artist shops to “fix” the ugly work a scratcher created. Many of these tattoo artists say “no” to those requests, because they choose not to connect their name to that work. That is why we, Natural Born Sinners, say “NO” to scratchers!!

Scarred for Life
“Scarred for life” is a phrase all too often exclaimed by many when they discuss tattooed people. However, we know that there are things that happen in the world that are so much worse than decorated bodies, such as child abuse and bullying. That is why we say “no” to child suffering!

The Shirts!
You can see our powerful logo of Natural Born Sinners’ Loyal 2 NoOne on the shirts. Behind this logo are people who stand up for the ones who cannot speak for themselves: children. The person wearing this t-shirt ought to be aware of this. Besides the awareness and motto against child suffering, we have another requirement before you can wear Loyal 2 NoOne: you have to have experienced 15 hours of tattoo sessions on visible spots. To as: Head, neck,hands, lower arms and legs.
Obviously you L2NO address if you have passed the 15 hour limit but then you have to provide us the evidence for this in the form of pictures.

Did you experience less than 15? Then you may wear our Supports shirts; just as powerful, and signifying “support” of our organization and cause.

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